Group Benefits Plans

Helping companies attract and retain the best employees by creating Functional Benefits Plans that will offer the most coverage at the greatest value.
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Individual and Family Health Plans

Avoid illness and improve your overall health with preventative care benefits including screenings, vaccinations, counseling and more. Gain peace of mind with health coverage in case of unexpected emergencies affecting you and your family. Remember, you can’t be denied coverage, charged more, or denied treatment based on health status.

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Specialty Insurance Products

Specialty Insurance Products are a vital component in protecting you and your family from financial hardships. Whether it's an individual disability policy to protect your income, or an accident plan to help with expenses when you get hurt, these products give you peace of mind.

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Jewels Benefits is a full service Health and Life insurance brokerage dedicated to helping our clients develop the best overall plan for their health insurance needs.

The products that we offer are not unique to us. What is unique is our desire to provide the best possible service available. We have no control over the cost or the underwriting process. However, we do have control over your ability to reach your agent when you have questions, to get a prompt return phone call, and to get an answer to your questions or concerns - even if we have to research the answer in order to get back to you.


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