We have decided to post instructions for people in Nevada who are looking to secure a 2019 policy.

If you would like to set an appointment in Reno or Carson City please call us at (775) 883-6052 and we will do our best to get you in before the December 15th deadline.



Start Here:

For new clients to the Marketplace / Exchange
• Go to www.healthcare.gov


• Under “Create an Account”, select your state (Nevada) from the drop down list

• You will then create an account:
Enter your name
Enter your email address (this will be used as your username)
Enter a password (make sure to write this information down)
Select and answer three (3) security questions (this will be asked should you ever
misplace your password and need to reset it, so make sure to write this information down
as well)
Click the small box under the last security question that reads: “I understand and agree
with the HealthCare.gov privacy policy and terms and conditions.”
Then lastly, click on “CREATE ACCOUNT.”
The system will then prompt you to check your email address: We sent an email with the
subject line, “Welcome! Please verify your email for your HealthCare.gov account” to the
email address you entered above. Click on the verification link in the email to verify your
email address.
– The email will come from [email protected]…Welcome Please verify your email
address for your HealthCare.gov account.” Click on the “Verify my email address”
hyperlink located in the body of the email.
– Once that has been completed, it will bring you back to HealthCare.gov’s website with a
message stating: “Your account is ready”, click on the “CONTINUE TO LOGIN.”
Once an account has been created:

• Enter your username and password and click “SIGNIN.”

• Once on that page, click on the “START A NEW APPLICATION OR UPDATE AN EXISTING

• Select your state’s abbreviation (NV) from the drop down box then click “START MY

• The system will then ask for you to “Verify your Identity.” You will need to fill in the following
section. Please note, you will need to provide a phone # or the system will not let you proceed.
You do not have to provide your Social Security #, just in this section though, unless you chose to.

• You will then answer a few more “Identity” questions. Once the system has verified you, you will
then click “CONTINUE.”

Application Process:

• The system will then walk you through the process. You will be completing five (5) sections
(Section 1: Get Started; Section 2: Family & Household; Section 3: Income; Section 4: Additional
Information; & Section 5: Review & Sign). Make sure to click “CONTINUE & SAVE” located on the
bottom of each page in order to move to the next screen.

– Located on the first page of the application, under the “Household Contact Information”
section. You will see a box that will read “Another person is helping me complete my
application.” In order for our brokerage to continue to service your coverage, please
make sure to click that box. You will then fill in the following information:

First Name: Aaron | Last Name: Ware | Select Type (from a drop down box): Agent or
Broker | NPN: 17539896.

• Make sure you answer each section of questions to the best of your knowledge.

• Once you have completed all five (5) sections; you will be prompted to sign and “SUBMIT” the

• The system will then go the “Eligibility Results.”
– Section 1: will let you know if you are eligible (or not) for assistance as well as how
much of a premium tax credit you will receive.
– Section 2, will provide you with an option to click a box and view your “ELIGIBILITY
RESULTS.” We recommend that you do so and either print and / or download and save
a copy to your computer. This document will also provide you with any additional
requested information needed (i.e. proof of income, proof of citizenship, etc.) in order to
continue any assistance (i.e. the APTC and / or CSR) going forward.

• You will then click “CONTINUE TO ENROLLMENT.”

• A pop-up “Complete these tasks to enroll in coverage” screen will appear, just click “CLOSE.”

• You will now be on the “Enroll To-Do List” screen:
– Scroll to the bottom to the “Choosing a Health Plan” portion of that page and click on
You will then need to decide how much of your premium tax credit to use each
month. Click on “CONTINUE.”

This section will explain your three (3) options:

• Use all the premium tax credit

• Use sum of the premium tax credit or

• Use none of it
You will then click on “I HAVE REVIEWED” to set your premium tax credit.

• If you would like to use all of it, click on “USE THIS AMOUNT.”

• Otherwise, answer “NO” to the “Do you want to use all your ($) premium
tax credit each month” question. You will then designate how much of the
premium tax credit you will want to use, and click “USE THIS AMOUNT.”

• You will then click “CONFIRM YOUR TAX CREDIT AMOUNT.”

• Once your premium tax credit has been set, go to the next section which is the “Answer household
– Click on “ANSWER QUESTIONS.” This section will ask if you have used any tobacco
regularly within the past 6 months. Check the appropriate box then click “CONTINUE.”

• You will now be prompted to select a health plan, so click “CHOOSE A PLAN”:
– A couple of boxes will pop up, you can either click the black “X” located on the top right
corner until you get to the plan selections or click “NEXT.”
– Located towards the top of your screen in your menu bar, you will see the option “Saved
Plans” and a one (1) next to it. Click on that option to show you, your current 2017
coverage with any changes for 2018 as well as what your new premium based on your
premium tax credit will be.
– Otherwise, scroll through the plan selections.

• Once you have selected a health plan option, the system will then ask that you review your dental
– You will need to click on the “DENTAL” box and select either “YES” or “NO” to dental
Pediatric dental is 1 of the 10 Essential Health Benefits the ACA requires health
insurance companies to cover, under the medical plan, for children under the age of
19. Health insurers offering coverage offered through the Marketplace/Exchange;
however, are not required to cover Pediatric Dental under the medical coverage AS
LONG AS a stand-alone dental carrier is offering a dental product that meets the
requirements under the ACA. Some carriers have that benefit built in to their medical
options and some do not.
If the carrier does not have that benefit built in and you are covering children, you will
need to select a separate dental option.
If you are not covering any children, some of the dental carriers offer dental options for
adults as well but you are not required to select a dental plan unless you’d like to. More options can be found by contacting us directly for your dental and vision.

• Once you have completed the dental selection, you will now need to click on “FINAL REVIEW” to
confirm your plan choices and enroll.

• The system will require one more signature. The final page will provide you with the name of the plan
and carrier you selected and what your monthly premium is going to be (minus the tax credit amount
you selected). I would suggest you print this page.

• Lastly, it will have an option for you to pay the first month’s premium payment which is required before the carrier you selected can fully enroll you in their system. This option should forward you to the carrier’s website to make the payment. Please make sure to print and / or save any payment
confirmation pages.

Congratulations! You have now completed the application process through HealthCare.gov.
What is the next step? Your information should be transmitted to the selected carrier within 48-72 hours.

Once the carrier has confirmed payment has been received and processed, they will officially enroll you in their system. A welcome packet and identification cards will be generated and mailed to the address on file.

If payment was not submitted at the time of the application, a carrier, from our understanding, will send out a letter or billing statement, once they have received your information from HealthCare.gov, with the instructions on how to pay that initial payment.
In the interim and as always, if you should run into any issues or have questions at all during the application process, please do not hesitate to contact us.

2019 Marketplace Instructions