Anybody that has children knows the real pain of an ear infection. Yes, of course, it's the discomfort your child has from a itching painful ear. But let's face it, its getting to the Dr.

At 9:30 p.m., just as everyone is climbing into bed the baby let's out a wail and starts clawing at her ear. She's spiking a fever and generally very unhappy. You already know that you need to get that wonderful pink antibiotic into her.

So you bundle her up and head to the Urgent care. Once at Urgent Care you visit the admitting nurse, she takes your $75 copay and claims the baby will be seen as soon as possible. Already the nurse and everyone in the waiting room knows the baby has an ear infection and needs antibiotic.

45 minutes later the doctor sees you and writes a script for antibiotics (this process can take up to a half an hour). You then bundle the kids back up and make your way to the Pharmacy where you will wait another 30 minutes to get your prescription filled. Don't forget that your little angel is hollering the entire time.

With a telemedicine system you can mitigate all of the travel time and waiting room time for the Urgent Care as well as saving that copay. Yes, you will have to go get the medicine but the E.R. certified Doc on the other end of your phone can call that into the pharmacy thus saving even more time and hassle.

Parents, more than any other group, are loving these types of services. Jewels Benefits, Inc. has available Healthiest You, a stand alone version of this amazing service. Many health insurance policies do not yet have this in place, for as little as $15 per month an individual family can save themselves hundreds of dollars per year and hours of frustration.

visit the Jewels Benefits, Inc. portal today and start resting just a little easier.


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